My name is TheSpanishLady. I am a Stay at Home Mom and Wife, who has a deep love of Art, Fashion, and Home Decor. I like to get lost in the lovely world of textures, color, history, whimsy, peace, comfort, smells, and on and on. I am not your typical Girly girl but I do love girly things. I am no Hippie but I love the Organic Nature of things and the peace that being outdoors brings me.This blog is my way of journaling my life and my Adventures in motherhood, in the hopes that I will discover more about myself and make my world a more beatiful place along the way. I love discovering other women out there like me, who make me feel less alone. I someday dream of selling my handmade items on a larger scale so first I have to start somewhere.

I believe in God, and that above all else is what defines me. Basically, He's got my whole world in His hands.