Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Family day

Today was a good day.
Today Jones woke me up with a kiss and told me he was taking off for church. by the time I came to it was about 5 til church began. I shot up and got the kids dressed in about 10 minutes and we were only 20 mins late to church.
At this very moment Every dish (but one) is clean,
most the trash is taken out, there are only 2 loads of laundry {not 5!!}
Right now we are carving pumpkins and I am thinkin of baking something yummy after all we did buy cinnamon and peanut butter chips the other day.

My kids costumes aren't finished so that will probably consume my night, but after the funk I have been in I am happy with were I am.

excited for tomorrow.
Check out my sister and her cute family

Here is a cute video of biscuit wearing her statue of liberty costume made by me.

The results

My awesome husband spent his only day off carving pumpkins for his kids, He's pretty much the best dad ever.
C actually did a really good job carving, I will have to take pics and post them. For a four year old I was pretty impressed. Once he got past the gross stuff he was able to get into it. Tober ( the opposite as usual) just liked digging out the insides, then she was done. :)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

I always had a thing for redheads...

Guess who...

not me:( too bad cause check out my lil' sister's new hair. Super cute.

 This is just the first step in her going blonde for halloween and I have to admit I am a fan. (and a little jealous)

I don't think she likes it all that much, so I guess I will just have to like it for the both of us.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

some inexpensive crafts

Money being tight is not really a new thing for me.
It is so nice when inexpensive solutions can make me happy,
first solution a place to display C's Art. C LOVES to color. He draws at least 10 pictures a day.
This leaves me with piles of drawings all around the house until the mess out weighs the guilt of throwing them away.
I have never been a huge fan of too many things stuck to my fridge but since that is the traditional place to display your child's masterpiece we have a few there as well. 
So I went to the Dollar store and bought 5 black frames.

I took the glass and cardboard out of them and hung them on the wall in our hallway.

Then I had C help me paint some clothes pins .

..That we hot glued to the frames... and voila a new place for pictures. We can easily trade them out and toss the old ones. Cost about $6 

Trying to be festive I bought some black felt at .20 cents a sheet, I spent $1 and cut them in triangles, glued them to some yarn and voila a Halloween banner.

I had a long table top from ikea that was pretty dinged up. I tried to spruce it up with some spray paint but it was not working. So I found some contact paper with a pattern I like and voila :) a new desk for $2.

 One night when the kids and I were playing in the front yard I decided we needed a fall wreath. These can cost a pretty penny so I took a dollar store wreath and had my kids collect leaves for me. We they hot glued them to the wreath and sprayed it gold.

It has a soft a pretty effect.
None of these solutions are mind blowing but give me Satisfaction and keep what money we do have in our pockets. Mission accomplished.

P.S. Jones sometimes brings me home nuts. Chesnuts, acorns...etc. So cute. Expecially when he and C went outside and played Conkers with them. :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

I know I haven't posted in a while. I had a pretty lazy week.
Just didn't feel like doing anything.
At the start of last week I had decided to get the winter clothes out, somehow this sent my house into a disastrous mess and I could never get on top of it in one day. 
On saturday I finally broke through my funk and got the kids room looking like a room again and not just piles of clothes. 
Today I am kind of hoping to do the same with the rest of the house. I feel tired, and like I want to just put in a movie and stay in bed but I am going to fight the urge.

Despite my laziness we have been in a good mood, enjoying family time together, loving our neighborhood, feeling secure about our future, excited about holidays {even if I have come to the conclusion that I just might not be all that on top of it this year, when it comes to having 3 kids I have decided dialing my expectations back is the best policy, For right now anyway :) }

Alfred still wakes up at least one time a night, usually 3am. It has felt so normal that I was beginning to forget that some day I will sleep through the night again. 

Alright  time to get off the computer and face my day.

P.s. somehow I managed to hurt my wrist, my right wrist and I am right handed.
I feel like I can't do anything. Jones thinks it is tendinitis. BOO. 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Textured wallpaper for the Kitchen

I want this wallpaper for an empty wall in my kitchen. Except I want it to paint it in Jade.


Sunday, October 16, 2011

my sweet boy

So I decided I would ask C about the shoes. I showed him the yellow ones, and he asked if there were red ones. Then he saw the teal and wanted to look at those too. Then he liked it when I showed him the stripes inside and played with the computer a little. He told me that he liked the red ones, But also the yellow. I asked him if we could make a deal and get the yellow shoes and a red sweater. He thought about it and said "I don't know about that... how about a green sweater, and a blue one for Tober."
Then we looked at sweaters online. After a while it seemed he liked playing on the computer more than he cared about which shoes he got. Then this morning as we were getting ready for church he asked me "where are my yellow shoes!?" He told me they were his favorite, probably because of the fun we had looking. 
I think we will get the yellow shoes, and then maybe take him out shopping for a sweater, whatever one he wants, if he cares at all. My boys are so good at indulging my want to dress them up. :)

Friday, October 14, 2011


Thanks for all the thoughts and advice, and just for fun here is an image of the shoesies I was talking about.

I love Tom's. And also some for me?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mom Questions

Alfy has separation anxiety.
This is where he hangs out whenever I cook.
It makes him pretty happy and honestly sometimes I forget He is there.

*editor's note: this is one of the rare moments homeboy isn't wailing at the top of his lungs because his mom isn't holding him. It was probably taken two seconds after he was put down. He doesn't last much longer than that. - Jones

Anyways, I had some mom questions and thought I would address them here.

1: Halloween costumes. I had been planning on having our family go as the gang from Speed Racer for Halloween, but, sometimes, when I let myself think about it, I wonder if I should let O. pick something that she would like, like a princess, or a butterfly. Also, I know she is only two, and she probably will not care if she is Speed Racer's monkey, but, eh. Just makes me wonder.

2: On a similar note, once I have enough monies, I want to buy C. some yellow corduroy shoes from Tom's. I have thought about it more than once, and realized he would probably like the red ones, since red is his favorite color. He tells me this pretty much every day, but I want him to have the yellow ones. I'm shallow like that :)

Both of these things don't really matter - they're small things in the long run. But, they are also parts of my children's personalities that I appreciate. What are your thoughts?

Great day Wednesday

Yesterday was a great day.
We went out to a pumpkin patch, smelled smelly animals, bounced in bouncy houses and went in a corn maze until we found the special beans that we could exchange for candy. My cousin and his family joined us and the weather was perfect. 

Then after we filled our bellies with pumpkin pie blizzards 
we headed to the mountains and rode the Sundance ski lift full moon ride.
It was freezing and gorgeous and I was just happy to have spent the day surrounded by my favorite people.
C couldn't stop talking. He loved it, and keeps asking when we can do it again. The answer, next year and every year cause it was wonderful ( a little scary at first but then wonderful)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sway with me Collection/Working on my shop

I have been working on getting my shop all set up and taking pictures of my Sway with me collection. 
It has been really fun seeing my hard work come together. I can actually say I am proud of what I have done and am only the tiniest bit awkward about showing my stuff to the public. 
Anyways check it out. :)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Cougar in the making

We live very close to BYU. Often when we go anywhere, driving or walking we pass the school, or more specifically the football stadium. It shouldn't have come as a surprise to me then when C decided he really wanted to go to a game. This week he reminded me almost everyday. When it snowed he looked out the window and said wow, and then looked directly at me and said "I still want to go to the football game."
Unfortunately for us tickets are quite out of our price range, fortunately my sister is awesome and gave us 4 tickets for tonight's game, so Jones, C and I all went with my other sister, Kid Curry, and had a blast! it was cold and late but the Cougars were awesome and played well for us. We sang the fight song as loud as we could. I love watching C as he experiences all of these things. I like hearing him say he is going to go to BYU when he is older...after his mission to New York of course. He packed a suitcase once and told me he was all ready for us to go on a mission together. That kid makes me smile.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

30 degrees

As of yesterday the weather has officially dropped 30 degrees.
It went from a pretty consistent 80 to about 50.
Also now it has been raining, and overcast. As soon as the clouds cleared I looked out my window and this is what I saw.

I kinda love it.
probably going to Ikea, even though I still feel like death. 
Hope it is fun, maybe meatballs will be the cure I needed.

Monday, October 3, 2011


We are sick again. Caught it just before the weekend started.
Good thing we got to stay in for conference.
My house looks a little like this.
{from the movie Labrynth}
And we have spent a great deal of time watching Midsomer Murders and Top Shot.
Good news is tomorrow I plan on being better, and maybe I will even get around to photographing some of my Sway with me baby girl clothes. ;)