Thursday, October 27, 2011

I always had a thing for redheads...

Guess who...

not me:( too bad cause check out my lil' sister's new hair. Super cute.

 This is just the first step in her going blonde for halloween and I have to admit I am a fan. (and a little jealous)

I don't think she likes it all that much, so I guess I will just have to like it for the both of us.


seanmcox said...

That's quite a change. I didn't even recognize her until you said "lil' sister". If, indeed, she doesn't like the look, it may simply be because of how different it is. Redheads also get more attention which can be good or bad depending on how you look at it. My brother hated that aspect of it. Though his hair is more red. (Mine is less.)

There must be some dimension of attention I don't like as well. After all, I buy the same (or very similar) tan shoes over and over just to prevent people from noticing that I got new shoes. (It works really well and I love it.)

What costume is the blonde to be for?

Crys said...

SEannnMCOX!!! we miss you. She was going to be Ann Romney, but She changed her mind.

seanmcox said...

Ann Romney would be hard to recognize, but obtuse costumes can be cool too.

I miss all of you as well. Now that David is married, and his wife proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that she was awesome, there's even more to miss in your state.

Nieces, nephews, in-laws and a sibling.

My sister will probably end up in Utah as well.

I think that the only hope there is of reconciling most of the conflict I feel between California and Utah, is for me to buy a farm in southern Utah and convince each of our parents to retire there.

(I'm somewhat opposed to moving to Utah, however, on the principle that we need to be "in the world", etc. Nevertheless, I'm fairly convinced that I want to leave California in about 7 years, and, because of family, Utah would seem the next most logical choice... principle aside.)

I suppose the only sure thing is... we'll be up in Utah again when we get the opportunity.

Crys said...

Can I be of the world for a minute and say, Hells yes.