Saturday, October 8, 2011

Cougar in the making

We live very close to BYU. Often when we go anywhere, driving or walking we pass the school, or more specifically the football stadium. It shouldn't have come as a surprise to me then when C decided he really wanted to go to a game. This week he reminded me almost everyday. When it snowed he looked out the window and said wow, and then looked directly at me and said "I still want to go to the football game."
Unfortunately for us tickets are quite out of our price range, fortunately my sister is awesome and gave us 4 tickets for tonight's game, so Jones, C and I all went with my other sister, Kid Curry, and had a blast! it was cold and late but the Cougars were awesome and played well for us. We sang the fight song as loud as we could. I love watching C as he experiences all of these things. I like hearing him say he is going to go to BYU when he is older...after his mission to New York of course. He packed a suitcase once and told me he was all ready for us to go on a mission together. That kid makes me smile.


Carrie said...

Yeah! Cougar blood runs strong around here too! Never too early to start a little harmless brainwashing :)

Thaddeus Jones said...

haha I love this. I'll get the pictures from the game up as soon as possible!