Monday, October 24, 2011

I know I haven't posted in a while. I had a pretty lazy week.
Just didn't feel like doing anything.
At the start of last week I had decided to get the winter clothes out, somehow this sent my house into a disastrous mess and I could never get on top of it in one day. 
On saturday I finally broke through my funk and got the kids room looking like a room again and not just piles of clothes. 
Today I am kind of hoping to do the same with the rest of the house. I feel tired, and like I want to just put in a movie and stay in bed but I am going to fight the urge.

Despite my laziness we have been in a good mood, enjoying family time together, loving our neighborhood, feeling secure about our future, excited about holidays {even if I have come to the conclusion that I just might not be all that on top of it this year, when it comes to having 3 kids I have decided dialing my expectations back is the best policy, For right now anyway :) }

Alfred still wakes up at least one time a night, usually 3am. It has felt so normal that I was beginning to forget that some day I will sleep through the night again. 

Alright  time to get off the computer and face my day.

P.s. somehow I managed to hurt my wrist, my right wrist and I am right handed.
I feel like I can't do anything. Jones thinks it is tendinitis. BOO. 

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