Wednesday, March 27, 2013

38 weeks pregnant

 I am 38 weeks pregnant! I have never felt this good at 38 weeks. I mean I have the usual, my back hurts, I am huge can't wait to sleep normal sort of thing and I have even had some late nights with contractions but not as much as I usually do. I feel good.
Well mostly. I get a bit emotional and frustrated with my kids these days. When Tober is being dramatic and Alfred is destroying everything I find myself feeling overwhelmed by it. Alfred can open doors and no longer sleeps in a crib. This means there is no containing him, no safe place. He has drawn on EVERYTHING and almost everyday I find something he has broken irreparably.
Remember his big portrait? It doesn't exist anymore. This is how it looked at phase one of destruction. Now it is in the trash in about 6 different pieces cause he tore it apart.

one of his murals in his room

                       Look at that face, guilty as can be.

Whenever things get crazy like this I just have to remind myself it doesn't last. We will ride it out and then be right back there again with Everest.
It's the circle of life. Despite their craziness I love my Babies sooooooo much. I love my husband and my family and can't wait to meet my newest son in just a matter of weeks.

Friday, March 22, 2013

My little ducks

Yesterday was a hard day. Alfred was a handful, getting into everything, not listening, destroying dumping, yelling. He has decided he is old enough to get out of his crib, so we have started the process of having him sleep in his bed. This means constantly having to go in and tell him to get back in bed, shorter naps leaving him grumpy. Exhausted. I am exhausted. So much so that this morning I slept through my alarm and C missed his bus. Looks like spring break is starting early. Having C home seems to have calmed Alfred down if only a little bit. He likes to follow his bid brother around, and C is there to put an end to some of Alfy's shenanigans before they get too out of control.
Jones' car has been in the shop for a couple of weeks but it looks like we'll be getting it back today.
Only 3 more weeks to due date, and since I have never made it to due date it feels like Everest will be here so soon! Jones is building me a bassinet for downstairs, and I am going to pack our birthing bag this weekend.

I guess that's all, off to crochet more flowers.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Gingham

While thrifting the other day I found this cute gingham little girls top for $1, but sadly it was a size 2...oh wait I know an adorable almost 2 yr old girl! Alfred's girl ;) Evie baby.
So I bought it and came home and made a skirt to match. :) As. It happens Brown paper packages tied up with strings actually are some of my favorite things, and sending them is al,ost as fun as getting them. Love ya Evie baby! Jones and I will gladly be your adopted parents/parents in law! (yes I wrapped it in pages from an old Anthropologie magazine)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My Studio/guest room

My new lens arrived! Of course after a year with no camera I can't find my SD card so here are a few updated shots of my Office/guest room.

Thanks to thrifting I was able to completely furnish this room for $200.
With a little paint I was able to make the room feel cohesive. There is so much more storage and organization than I hav ever had, it is so nice!

By adding little details like plants, candles, my grandma's mushroom jars etc. the place feels personal and cozy.

The couch is a pullout bed, making this a great room for Visitors(hint hint)

The rug turned out great, and is totally worth the incredibly cheap price tag $39.99 plus paint which I already had. It is rough, but I don't mind, plus I haven't sanded it which would probably soften it a bit.

overall it's a happy space and easy for my creative juices to flow freely :)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Camera= more posts

If you look at my posts for the last 4 years you will see that in 2011 I had over 170 posts, and the other 3 less than half that amount. There are many contributing factors to this of course but the biggest of them all is having a camera! I am not exactly good with words, and I am a very visual person, so telling a story with pictures gets me to tell more stories. Just after Christmas 2011 my camera broke. I have been using, my iPad or iPhone ever since :/ not the same at all. I have been making a real effort this week to try and transfer photos to my computer so that I will blog better instead of just posting to instagram because I want our life to be documented better than that and I want to be able to refer back to my blog and remember what we were doing at specific times.

Hope is on the way. I ordered a new lens for my old camera, cheapest solution and it should arrive any day now. I am sure it will take me a while to get use to using it again after so much time has passed but I will do it.

so I guess this my goal for 2013, more blog posts, better pictures, and continuing to document our oh so amazing  blessed life :)

working on the never ending project, quick fix

I found this amazing pattern for a Crocheted floral blanket on pinterest the other day. I saw it and I knew I needed it. I have been crushing on this

blanket from Anthropologie, and found my opportunity to bring it's essence into our bedroom. I am now in the process of crocheting a floral headboard out of hundreds of crocheted flowers. I must be insane.

I love it even more with every flower I add, slowly but surely it will be made. hAha, Moms, and my niece little miss C have all volunteered to make some flowers to add to my project! 

In the mean time a small accomplish able project was in order.
Behold boring Lamp shade

 Pinterest Inspiration
What a shock, it's from Anthro!

 $1 worth of felt and it is remade. :)

And thanks to Moms for directing me to this link Block Posters, I printed myself some art to fit this frame I bought a month ago($10 at goodwill!)

Jones and I love it! There will never be any doubt in anyone's mind this is our home, and there is no place like it.

I am enjoying feeling much better after being sick all week with a terrible Sinus cold, still 8 months preggers though and have to remind myself of that. After accomplishing these little crafts and vacuuming I am completely exhausted. Time to make lunch, try to nap and then resume my place on the couch as the crazy yarn lady, watching the biggest loser and eating ice cream.

We had a fun surprise yesterday when it snowed about an inch and so for some reason both school and work were cancelled. Sweet. It was a much needed day of recovery for us. Plus it felt like Saturday and now in only 2 days it will be Saturday again. Tender Mercies :)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My Little Princess

 Last year while broke and visiting a friend in WY I found a tattered and worn Cinderella dress at a thrift store. With a price tag of under $2 I grabbed it for Tobercakes knowing she would love it, but never realizing exactly what I had done. She wore that dress almost every moment she could. Then luckily at Christmas my Mom got her a Sleeping Beauty was falling apart by then end of the month from being worn EVERYDAY!
 She wears her princess dress dancing
and sleeping. I have drawers full of cute little girl clothes and they never get used.
Between this and the fact that she use to hate letting me do her hair (she is finally warming up to the idea) I was beginning to think I got jipped with this whole only having one daughter thing. :)

I love you Tobercakes, and I know what hopefully you will understand someday, which is you ARE a princess. You are a daughter of your Heavenly Father and he and I love you very very much.