Friday, March 22, 2013

My little ducks

Yesterday was a hard day. Alfred was a handful, getting into everything, not listening, destroying dumping, yelling. He has decided he is old enough to get out of his crib, so we have started the process of having him sleep in his bed. This means constantly having to go in and tell him to get back in bed, shorter naps leaving him grumpy. Exhausted. I am exhausted. So much so that this morning I slept through my alarm and C missed his bus. Looks like spring break is starting early. Having C home seems to have calmed Alfred down if only a little bit. He likes to follow his bid brother around, and C is there to put an end to some of Alfy's shenanigans before they get too out of control.
Jones' car has been in the shop for a couple of weeks but it looks like we'll be getting it back today.
Only 3 more weeks to due date, and since I have never made it to due date it feels like Everest will be here so soon! Jones is building me a bassinet for downstairs, and I am going to pack our birthing bag this weekend.

I guess that's all, off to crochet more flowers.

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Singin' Heart said...

That's so nuts. I still picture Alfred sway's age. Which makes sway a newborn - where does the time go!!! We better talk soon on the phone or it really will be a long time, once you have Everest.