Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My Studio/guest room

My new lens arrived! Of course after a year with no camera I can't find my SD card so here are a few updated shots of my Office/guest room.

Thanks to thrifting I was able to completely furnish this room for $200.
With a little paint I was able to make the room feel cohesive. There is so much more storage and organization than I hav ever had, it is so nice!

By adding little details like plants, candles, my grandma's mushroom jars etc. the place feels personal and cozy.

The couch is a pullout bed, making this a great room for Visitors(hint hint)

The rug turned out great, and is totally worth the incredibly cheap price tag $39.99 plus paint which I already had. It is rough, but I don't mind, plus I haven't sanded it which would probably soften it a bit.

overall it's a happy space and easy for my creative juices to flow freely :)

1 comment:

Carrie said...

I noticed the mushroom jars right off! Love them, and the room looks great. Grandma would be so happy :)