Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My Little Princess

 Last year while broke and visiting a friend in WY I found a tattered and worn Cinderella dress at a thrift store. With a price tag of under $2 I grabbed it for Tobercakes knowing she would love it, but never realizing exactly what I had done. She wore that dress almost every moment she could. Then luckily at Christmas my Mom got her a Sleeping Beauty was falling apart by then end of the month from being worn EVERYDAY!
 She wears her princess dress dancing
and sleeping. I have drawers full of cute little girl clothes and they never get used.
Between this and the fact that she use to hate letting me do her hair (she is finally warming up to the idea) I was beginning to think I got jipped with this whole only having one daughter thing. :)

I love you Tobercakes, and I know what hopefully you will understand someday, which is you ARE a princess. You are a daughter of your Heavenly Father and he and I love you very very much.

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