Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Perm....and date night in DC

I know these posts are somewhat thrown together and mashed together, but I have been kind of mad at myself for  doing such a poor job of documenting things lately, so I am trying to jot a few things down before it's as if they never happened.

Last month I got a perm. I wanted a perm, so I got a perm. I am pretty crazy with my hair that way. It was fun...The lady who did my hair was very chatty. She decided to cut my hair too, which was good for her since I ended up paying a lot more that way...She was also very chatty, and ended every sentence with, "you know" I felt very confident in my decision until I was bout 5 minutes from being done. That's when she decided to take another client. She left me waiting to get my hair rinsed, eventually I got up and found her and asked if she was going to rinse my hair, She sent an assistant to do it. She gave a quick rinse, not very well done, and away I went. That night I couldn't sleep. My front hair line itched too much. I put some coconut oil on my scalp, which felt amazing and went back to sleep the next morning I felt the front of hair, they were burnt off and short stubby hair was left behind. Now we are only talking 10-20 hairs but still. 

Long story short, I love my perm. It has been so fun to do, but I would not go back to that salon, actually I probably would I would just tell her how I felt and would sure I got a good rinse even if I had to do it myself. :) 
oh and coconut oil really can be used for everything.

(you can see my short stubby hair a little in this pic :)
The other night we got a babysitter on our only free night in weeks and we decided we wanted to go out to eat somewhere. We didn't know where, but we knew what we had in mind. Jones did some research and found a place called Cedar in downtown DC. They get their food from local farms and had an awesome looking menu, so we were sold. I always LOVE being in DC and feel really lucky to have had an opportunity to have date nights in so many awesome cities. I wouldn't say I am a city girl, at least not as a lifestyle but the part of me that sees magic in the world makes trip to the big city a magical type event. The restaurant was perfect. I tried beets for the first time, and I have to say I liked them way more than I was expecting and kind of feel like I have been missing out all these years. I also had Gouda Grits. Oh.  my. yum. Of course can you go wrong :)  It was the kind of food that awakens the artist in you and inspires your passions. Although I didn't really care for the dessert I want to go back again sometime. I doubt we ever will though. Our life seems to take us from one place to another so quickly. We only have the time we have and we try to make the best of it. I can't explain it but I just know that I can't wait in life. If I am only going to be in place a little while I want to know I really lived there, and explored what there was to explore. I am very lucky that I have a wonderful family to explore it with me. Our life is an adventure and I wouldn't have it any other way.

(image via pinterest)

Very soon our little family will be heading to the Happiest place on earth. I am pretty excited about it. Although I am trying not be too excited since Jones hasn't heard back about his leave being approved, doesn't the army know that I need to know sooner rather than later....
Anyways, we decided to keep it a secret from the kids, which is sooo hard because I am terrible at keeping secrets, especially one I am so excited about. So I told them we are going camping...which we the Happiest place on earth. :) Yesterday C was telling me all about the things we could do when we go camping. He went on and on about fishing and building sand castles. Poor kids, I think a small part of them might be sad when they realize we won't be doing those things. I'm sure it won't last though.
So we'll be spending the week listening to disney pandora and preparing for our secret getaway.

Bulldozer of love style.


Bwubs and I have been having a difficult couple of weeks. I stopped nursing him a couple months ago and formula and Bwubs do not get along. He drinks it just fine. It just doesn't seem to want to come out. ever. This makes him super fussy. I am at that point where some days I just can't handle the sound of his cries anymore. It makes me feel like a bad mom when I feel that way.
Especially since he has been the easiest and sweetest baby, and still is the sweetest. He is the cuddliest baby ever.

 He is already interested in the iphone, one more person to fight when I need to use it.:)

Does he remind you of anyone?

(Tober 2010)

I have to admit that despite the crazy couple of weeks we've had I am going to miss baby Bwubs more than any of our other babies. The way he crawls around to each member of his family and forcibly gives them kiss and bear hugs. I am sure his big friendly giant personality won't go away, but I will still miss his super chubby super slobbery happy baby self. 
Happy 11 months big boy.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Crazy busy

Life has been crazy busy these last few weeks. Jones and I trade off who has to be on the computer, or at a meeting, watching the kids and so on. We finally sit down around 9 for some time together and then end up staying up too late because we like being with each other.  It's been a bit exhausting, good thing it's date night tonight.

We have had really warm and lovely weather sandwiched by freezing snowing weather. Literally every 3 days or so it changes. I feel like spring is on it's way in  though.

A few weeks ago I volunteered to make a gown for someone. It was such an awesome experience.

Things I have learned about myself
-I can not sew straight lines
-with a lot of practice, pressing and drawing chalk lines, I can almost sew straight lines
-sometimes I forget to cut a piece in muslin first, and because I am new to pattern making, I end up sewing     the same piece over and over. Thank  you seam ripper.

because of these things I get half way through a project and feel like I am a complete failure. Jones offers words of encouragement, I finish my project and I am able to see

-That I made a gown from scratch, no pattern, no instructions.
-having to repeat steps helps me to understand the shapes I am trying to create.
-Even with it's flaws it's beautiful
-some of the store bought items I have have similar flaws, am I comparing myself to an impossible standard?
-tomorrow is a chance to get better, I am already better than I was yesterday.