Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Tober Jane says the funniest things. " wow that's amazing... That's really cool... It's really tasty." amazing is her favorite word. I call her to the dinner table and she says " mom it's amazing" ( to the Mac n cheese, really boosts the self esteem ) Right now she is wearing a dress, 2 skirts and Thomas pajama pants with 2 different shoes on. She loves to put clothes on especially dresses and skirts. She still sucks on her tongue and carries around her blanky. Tober is very affectionate and whenever she likes something she puts her head up to it and sighs ( like the human version of a cat purring) Sometimes when I put her down for a nap she asks me to say a prayer. When she hugs you she does it with every inch of her body, even her toes, and sometimes she gently plays with my hair the same way I play with hers. I admire her enthusiasm she puts into everything she does. I know that when she decides to believe in something it will be with her whole heart. I love my amazing little girl.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas presents

I should be comforted by the fact that Christmas is still a month away, but these days that time goes by really quick. As of right now I have exactly zero gifts made/purchased. In fact all I have are ideas, and some chump change. I want to make Tober clothes for her Rapunzel Barbie, and a purse, maybe some play jewelry. She has turned into a very girly girl over night, so anything pink, purple, sparkly, or pretty, and She will be as happy as can be.
For C I couldn't quite figure out what I wanted to do. He is really into super heroes right now, so when I saw
this on my sister-in-laws blog (Found here.)I thought maybe I will just go all out super hero theme.

costumes/masks? flash cards?
puzzles like Dana made only super heroes of course.

Alfred is pretty much getting food.

Gift baskets for extended family, I like the idea of Christmas from around the world, gathering treats from everywhere and wrapping them up.

I love the idea of making cute bean bags/ poufs.
It would take me forever and cost a small fortune to make these but they are super cute.

you can send them empty, with a gift card for a local grocery store to buy the rice/beans to fill them with.

I would love to make some laundry bags to send gifts in as well like these ones at urbanoutfitters

Penny art has been tugging at my brain as well.
or mixing pennies and nickles to make some beautiful letters.

It is time to stop thinking about what I want to do and actually doing something.

My wish list

wooden spools and unique trims 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lovin Sunday

Today is a takin it slow kinda day. The kids joined me in bed this morning. C and I played scrabble (on my new iPod touch) Tober just laid on top of me while alfred sucked his fingers. Then I folded clothes while listening to Christmas music and the smell of chili cooking made my tummy grumble. Jones is reading inheritance right next to me and even though we are doing different thing it feels like time together

Sunday, November 20, 2011

White Christmas

On Saturday we went to go see BYU's production of White Christmas for our anniversary, one of my all time favorite holiday films.
It was really cute. To make things even better it had snowed the night before and we had spent the morning as a family out on a walk in the cold.
After the show we went to Roll up Crepes, super yum, and such a warm and cute atmosphere. If you live in provo you should go!!

It was a really fun day and a great lead into thanksgiving. 
My big Brother and his family are going to be here all week and I am so excited.

Hooray for the library

Having no money has it's ups. For example there are certain places that wouldn't be as special if we were just rollin' in the dough. We love to spend time going out and doing something as a family, and with no budget this can become difficult. The Library is a place we had yet to explore as a family with kids. Jones and I use to go there all the time when we lived by the beach. We were broke then too. A couple weeks ago we set out, got our passports to imagination{library cards} and came home with a stack of books for the kids. I pretty much let them walk with me down the aisles and any book they grabbed we got. Jones continues to win my love by coming home with Norwegian murder mysteries, wood working, and upholstery books. Tober has only ever grabbed 2 books so far. Both because they were pink and purple and had a princess on the cover. Speaking of Tober, that little girl is the best. She actually picks the broccoli and mushrooms out of her dinner to eat first cause they are her favorite. When she gives you a hug it is with every part of her body, even her toes. Ok back on track, I love the Library. I am really just grateful for the opportunity we have to experience things as a family. To explore and grow together and not let our financial situation split us apart but allow us to grow closer.  


On Friday Night we attended a Murder Mystery Birthday party for my good friend.
Jones and I were part of the WereClan {I was a wolf in sheeps clothing...get it, ok that is the last time I will tell that joke I swear.}.  More specifically I was the ruler and he was my man(were) slave, that secretly was trying to over throw me all along.
My name was Bastet {let's see you make a joke out of that Colt}

:) we won best costumes.

Even though we had some stiff competition
Scotty as Arthur the bumbling idiot.

Cuban as Prince Allendro...

Who ended up killing me twice.

It was confusing and fun at the same time. Definitely worth getting a babysitter to get dressed up and play with some friends.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

November 15th is a good day

Happy Anniversary Jones. 
6 down, a bajillion more to go. ;)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The leaves are falling & the great salt lake guitar company

On Friday night a friend invited us to come down to The Great Salt Lake Guitar Co. to hang out and enjoy the company of some fabulous guitar players. Jones brought his Git fiddle {guitar} and a song we had prepared only the hour before. 
We had a blast. 
Everyone was so talented and it was the first time Jones and I have ever done anything like that together.
For some reason I have always been hesitant to sing for Jones, thinking I wasn't cool enough or something, and so these are talents we haven't really enjoyed together in the 6 {yes that is right, coming up on another anniversary} years we have been married.
It was really wonderful to be able to express that side of ourselves again. 
To make things better at the end of the night it was decided that this is something we will be doing every 2nd Friday of the month. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Newest Normal

My newest normal means the house is pretty much always messy except when we are cleaning, as soon as we stop cleaning it gets messy again, sometimes even while we are cleaning other areas get messier.
We buy a lot of food. I can't believe it actually. It has taken me this long to buy the appropriate amount of fruit and yogurt so that we don't run out the day after I go shopping.
My Jones works a lot and yet somehow still manages to come home and take care of us. 
He makes sure I am not getting overwhelmed by any aspect of my life.
My home is not baby proof at all.
Sometimes I find pins on the floor, screws in the corners under the table, bits of choke-able plastic that almost made it in the trash but have now wandered into the living room.
Alfy is almost to the age when suddenly he will be everywhere and getting into everything and I am not ready.
My dear Tober hasn't changed at all.
I was watching videos of her at 1 yr old. Still crazy, squealing, moving so forcefully and with purpose.
Only thing that is different is now she can talk.
She loves to take baths and if she hears bath water at all she is immediately found by the tub naked.
She has a handful of toys that she almost always has with her, and is very protective of. 
C is as smart as ever. Always wanting to color, hear stories play on my computer, "Type" which is a new word he is very proud to know. He also is a whiner pants, they all are. 
Sometimes I just want to banish them when they whine.

I love my house, although it is tiny. I don't even know that is is tiny but rather that we are a lot of people. 
Life feels like we came her for a purpose and now we are just trying to figure out what to do here, other than survive. 
I miss Washington. I realize that I just enjoyed being there.
Utah has nice bits but I don't find myself filled with the same joy for the place like I did WA, yet.

I have no clean clothes so I am off to do Laundry.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

My little ones have the snifflies we decided to stay home from church. 
Using our extra hour as a blessing sleeping in late and eating a big breakfast together.
{yes I am wearing footie pajamas}

We went out in the {melting} snow for a little bit, but not too long cause I don't want us to get sick{er} 

Trying to make today a Reverent day so I am going to make a Thanksgiving tree. 
Want to make one with me? 
I went outside and gathered some branches, which I am going to paint but you don't have to.
I am going hot glue them together wrap them in twine and put them in a vase.
Later, together as a family we are going to cut out leaves from card stock and write down the things we are grateful for and hang them on the branches.
As the month goes by I am going to think about those things, write a few more, and make an effort to appreciate them and keep them in my Heart.

Hooray for another Jones and TheSpanishLady family tradition.

Almost finished product

Friday, November 4, 2011

Camping is intents :)

Today Jones only worked a half day and He doesn't work tomorrow, which means it will be the first Saturday  {or any day other than Sunday} that he hasn't worked since he started. 
We celebrated by building a tent in the living room. 

When I say we I mean Jones cause I was busy making the world's most boring dinner. 
Honestly, the pepper was probably the most interesting part.
Of course the tent blew my mind and after we were done eating all 5 of us piled in for story time.

Last Sunday at church I had made a personal goal of every night along with the family prayer we already do, try to incorporate some type of scripture reference. Whether it is teaching C to recite one or reading a passage, as long as it has something to do with the scriptures. 

Tonight it seemed only fitting to tells a couple stories from the scriptures. Nephi is C's favorite because of the Primary song Nephi's courage which I sang to him before he went to primary and instantly loved it once he sang it there. So I started with the story of Nephi going to get the plates {from the wicked Laban inside the city gates...:)}
C is really into super heroes right now and that is basically what Nephi is.
After that Jones told the story about some crazy radiation chicken heart.
Then C told a story about Alfy flying to outer space in a parachute and him saving him in his rocket ship {I was surprised and delighted by the details.}
Then another scripture story about The 2000 stripling warriors
and another rocket ship story by C and the kids were off to bed. Prayers said and kisses given, Jones and I headed back to the tent to watch some TV and eat more of our kids Halloween candy.

As I lay here in bed I feel so grateful for my family and also so grateful for the scriptures, for the knowledge that Heavenly Father has a plan for us. That He guides his people today with Prophets{heroes} just as he did in those amazing stories I got to tell my 4 year old tonight. I am glad I set this goal and I hope we keep working at it because I know it will strengthen our home and Family.

Curious about who Nephi was or about the Scriptures I was referring to go here.

P.S. Jones keeps peeking out the window to see if it is snowing. It is like a kid looking for Santa. :)

A few new items

I have had a few new items for my shop for awhile I have just been slow to post them. 
Today I am finally getting around to it.
I had been waiting to get pics of the clothes on a little girl because I always think clothing is more appealing on a person than off, but been to busy to get good pictures.
Also finishing up a maternity dress, so hopefully that will be up soon :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

We have ourselves Speed Racer

 A devious pixie

 ...and Turd Ferguson :)
Happy Halloween.