Sunday, November 13, 2011

The leaves are falling & the great salt lake guitar company

On Friday night a friend invited us to come down to The Great Salt Lake Guitar Co. to hang out and enjoy the company of some fabulous guitar players. Jones brought his Git fiddle {guitar} and a song we had prepared only the hour before. 
We had a blast. 
Everyone was so talented and it was the first time Jones and I have ever done anything like that together.
For some reason I have always been hesitant to sing for Jones, thinking I wasn't cool enough or something, and so these are talents we haven't really enjoyed together in the 6 {yes that is right, coming up on another anniversary} years we have been married.
It was really wonderful to be able to express that side of ourselves again. 
To make things better at the end of the night it was decided that this is something we will be doing every 2nd Friday of the month. 

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