Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Newest Normal

My newest normal means the house is pretty much always messy except when we are cleaning, as soon as we stop cleaning it gets messy again, sometimes even while we are cleaning other areas get messier.
We buy a lot of food. I can't believe it actually. It has taken me this long to buy the appropriate amount of fruit and yogurt so that we don't run out the day after I go shopping.
My Jones works a lot and yet somehow still manages to come home and take care of us. 
He makes sure I am not getting overwhelmed by any aspect of my life.
My home is not baby proof at all.
Sometimes I find pins on the floor, screws in the corners under the table, bits of choke-able plastic that almost made it in the trash but have now wandered into the living room.
Alfy is almost to the age when suddenly he will be everywhere and getting into everything and I am not ready.
My dear Tober hasn't changed at all.
I was watching videos of her at 1 yr old. Still crazy, squealing, moving so forcefully and with purpose.
Only thing that is different is now she can talk.
She loves to take baths and if she hears bath water at all she is immediately found by the tub naked.
She has a handful of toys that she almost always has with her, and is very protective of. 
C is as smart as ever. Always wanting to color, hear stories play on my computer, "Type" which is a new word he is very proud to know. He also is a whiner pants, they all are. 
Sometimes I just want to banish them when they whine.

I love my house, although it is tiny. I don't even know that is is tiny but rather that we are a lot of people. 
Life feels like we came her for a purpose and now we are just trying to figure out what to do here, other than survive. 
I miss Washington. I realize that I just enjoyed being there.
Utah has nice bits but I don't find myself filled with the same joy for the place like I did WA, yet.

I have no clean clothes so I am off to do Laundry.


Amy said...

Sounds quite a bit like life over at my house. Whiners, brats, naked kids, way too enthusiastic toddler and me.

Singin' Heart said...

That was fun to read your new normal - oh the life of being a mother. We are constantly in a state of adaptation!!! Just when you think you got the hang of things then kids are off to another phase or there is a new baby or your pregnant or all of the above!! It's crazy that we survive - but it's so worth it!!!

Carrie said...

love this post.