Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What my house looks like right now...

 Today was a cleaning day. We are trying to get the house cleaned up so we can go to CA for Grandma's funeral and come back to a place that feels like home.

Pipsta asked for some pics of our new place so I thought perfect, I will clean up and wait for the perfect lighting and take pictures. When the perfect lighting came however my house wasn't quite ready. I decided I didn't care. These pics will make for a good before and after experience :)

So here is our Tree House
{Kids Room}

 {Dining Room}

 {Bathroom and Hall}

 {View from Kitchen to living room}
 {living Room}
 Which also happens to be our bedroom.

 See these white walls? they all use to be brown, a brown cave. In the process of painting 2 more walls and wall to wall bookcases!!                           Before the paint

 My favorite moment: photo by hAha in awesome frame.
 {and the view from my bed}
SBug said it reminded him of a European apartment, which was exactly what I thought, plus I love that because it is upstairs and all you can see is tree tops out the window, it feels like we are in a tree house.

More awesome moments to come and so many projects to complete, for now I just gotta make it through another road trip and more suit cases. Wish me luck, heck send me your prayers, I could use them.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New hair

my sister and I went and got cheap hair cuts today, it was a wonderful relaxing outing, life has been kind of crazy lately and this was a much needed fun thing.

We will meet again

My Grandma died last night.
I feel only the faintest bit of sadness, probably because I know she is with Grandpa, wrapped in his arms, which is pretty much where she has wanted to be since he left.
I feel a sadness for my Mom though, it will be a while before she sees her mother again and I know that would make me sad.
Grandma was always soft, quiet, a behind the scenes kind of person, so I am used to feeling rather than seeing her presence in my life. It is a happy sunny glow that I will keep with me even though she is gone.
When I feel hot wind blow past me I will think of her, and her home in the desert, and all the time I spent there warm and safe.
Every time I dip my graham crackers in milk or eat fruit leather, I will think of you Grandma. I love you and am so thankful for the gift of your unconditional love. You have set a high standard for me and I hope that I can live up to it. You will be missed.
Say Hi to Grandpa and give him a big kiss for me.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tober's Party

We celebrated Tober's birthday yesterday.

 It was fun, colorful, with tons of cousins and running around.
 Yummy food {tiny table}
 Uncle Scooter made Tober a Rapunzel cake, He went all out, and I was so impressed.
 So was J.V. in fact he couldn't stop looking.
 Once the kids took to the bikes and cars there was no stopping them.
 They all rode around like crazy people.

 It was very casual and simple
 We did balloons and bubbles and bikes for a while

 Tober always gets the dandelion in her mouth when she blows them. 

 There were some crashes and a few run over body parts.
 Then it was on to the pinata.

 and then presents and cake.

 Tober tried blowing out the candles on her own, and then she got some help.
 Pretty much nothing else mattered once she got her Rapunzel doll. She just calls her Princess.

As then sun went down we said our goodbyes and put kids to bed, stuffed, sugared out and happy. :)