Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tober's Party

We celebrated Tober's birthday yesterday.

 It was fun, colorful, with tons of cousins and running around.
 Yummy food {tiny table}
 Uncle Scooter made Tober a Rapunzel cake, He went all out, and I was so impressed.
 So was J.V. in fact he couldn't stop looking.
 Once the kids took to the bikes and cars there was no stopping them.
 They all rode around like crazy people.

 It was very casual and simple
 We did balloons and bubbles and bikes for a while

 Tober always gets the dandelion in her mouth when she blows them. 

 There were some crashes and a few run over body parts.
 Then it was on to the pinata.

 and then presents and cake.

 Tober tried blowing out the candles on her own, and then she got some help.
 Pretty much nothing else mattered once she got her Rapunzel doll. She just calls her Princess.

As then sun went down we said our goodbyes and put kids to bed, stuffed, sugared out and happy. :)


Anonymous said...

I totally forgot about the party! I was planning to come! Sorry about that. It looks like it was a blast. Your family is so cute!

Carrie said...

that cake is super cool. My kids are impressed too!!