Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What my house looks like right now...

 Today was a cleaning day. We are trying to get the house cleaned up so we can go to CA for Grandma's funeral and come back to a place that feels like home.

Pipsta asked for some pics of our new place so I thought perfect, I will clean up and wait for the perfect lighting and take pictures. When the perfect lighting came however my house wasn't quite ready. I decided I didn't care. These pics will make for a good before and after experience :)

So here is our Tree House
{Kids Room}

 {Dining Room}

 {Bathroom and Hall}

 {View from Kitchen to living room}
 {living Room}
 Which also happens to be our bedroom.

 See these white walls? they all use to be brown, a brown cave. In the process of painting 2 more walls and wall to wall bookcases!!                           Before the paint

 My favorite moment: photo by hAha in awesome frame.
 {and the view from my bed}
SBug said it reminded him of a European apartment, which was exactly what I thought, plus I love that because it is upstairs and all you can see is tree tops out the window, it feels like we are in a tree house.

More awesome moments to come and so many projects to complete, for now I just gotta make it through another road trip and more suit cases. Wish me luck, heck send me your prayers, I could use them.


Carrie said...

All those angled ceilings look like they could be kind of tricky to work with, but you make it work! It's coming along - can't wait to see what you do.

MelancholySmile said...

That's some pretty impressive design work you've done! I always think decorating around 'problem' layouts {let alone providing function for the entire family!} results in some amazingly creative spaces. I especially love the credenza against the back of the sofa, the art in the hallway, and your mustache mugs hanging all in a row. :)