Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rock Climbing

Today We did something that I have dreamed about doing since I first met Jones.
We went Rock Climbing as a family.
 First we stopped in at the Rocky mountain drive in for some grilled cheese sammies and some scones with honey  butter {so yummy}

 When we got finished stuffing our faces we went up the mountain a little...

 Very slowly.

 Partially because of the stroller, not made for rough terrain, the 2 year old stopping to pick up every rock {and there were a lot, it s called rock canyon!} and mostly because I am exhausted by this move and wore the worst jeans ever {for hiking, otherwise great pants!} and flip flops! not so genius.
 But at last we made it.
 Alfy slept through most of it {sucking on his fingers in delightful slumber}
 C loved the idea, and was a little freaked out but overall was a champ and made a great effort. I was really proud of him.

 I loved that he kept say he was like spiderman since he has been watching the '67 series on netflix
Tober followed and mostly swung around on the rope.
 For taking 3 kids under 4 it was actual really fun and a great start to a family tradition.
 When Alfy finally joined us awake he was all smiles and really much more cooperative than I had imagined.

I love our family, it is so fun to have our kids getting older and broadening the activities we can do together. C is so much fun, and makes a great sidekick as we go on these adventures. He took the pics of Jones climbing and the last 2 of me and Toby because my hands were busy! It was also fun to hear the dialogue between him and his sister 
"be careful Tah face" she would squeal at him like only a Tober can.
And of course he would reply in his older brother voice "ok I will, Thanks for reminding me, Don't worry I am four"

Good day.

Tomorrow I am busy getting ready for the pixie shtick and her family to visit, and also Toblerone's birthday party is this Sat! my girl is turning 2 :)


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Anonymous said...

So fun! I'm a little jealous :)
Love the pics Crys