Saturday, May 29, 2010

Yo Ho Yo Ho A pirate's life for me

Today we are spending together as a family. We are having a BBq later today but first we are going to the farmers market and a grocery store to pick up supplies. I wanted C to feel like he was a part of it all, Sooooo... I made him a pirate hat and sword, complete with his very own Treasure map! As you can see the map will lead us to get some fruit and then food, ending up at Nana and Bopa's house where Jones is going to bury some ring pops. C is loving it, and frankly so am I.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Friday's, I mean Thursday's Highlights

Today was a good day. It felt like a friday, probably because I had the car and I usually only have the car on the weekends.

Here a few tastes of my day:
*$2 meals at Taco bell { C will actually eat a quesadilla!}
*Going Downtown and letting C play in the fountain. He got soaked, lucky for us the SUn was out!
*Kidnapping T pants and bringing him home to play.
*Showing off my new blouse at the In-laws.
*Watching Pops Garden
*Hearing encouraging words (thanks Disney, Moms and Pops)
*Hearing the Loud roar of the truck telling me my Jones was Home.
*C running in here as I am typing this and giving me a play by play of the movie UP he is watching in the other room.
*Knowing tonight the weekend has officially started. :)

My thoughts are with hAha as she awaits her little Finn, I sure hope he comes soon, I am almost starting to miss him {can you miss someone you have never met?} I know that she is going to do amazing and look forward to sharing in her Birthing stories!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Love, TheSpanishLady

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Picnic Blouse Tutorial

Are you enjoying nice summer weather? Cause I am not. It has been raining cats and dogs lately! But I know that one day the sun will come back out to play and when it does I will be ready with a PICNIC BLOUSE, easy breezy. { a great blouse for nursing MOms}Do you want one too? All you need is 2 old pillow cases worth of fabric, some elastic and you are on your way.

The first piece you will need is a front.

Followed by a back

And 2 sleeves

A ruffle {x2} 6"x 32"long

First you take your front and back right sides facing each other and sew a straight stitch along the sides.

make sure you match up the sides, not like shown in the above picture.

Then take the sleeves {hem the exposed edge first} and sew the smallest edges together. place the sleeve {right side out}, inside the shirt that is inside out. Right sides should be facing each other. If you look at the picture of the sleeve pattern up above there is a longer side. That side is the back, and the short is the front.

What you should have now is a wide neck shapeless blouse.

So you are going to want to fold the top of the blouse over {towards the inside} and sew a straight stitch. Make sure you make it wide enough to string the elastic through and leave an opening. take a piece of elastic about 30" long with a safety pin on both ends, string it through.

And then stitch elastic together, sew the top closed.

Sew your 2 pieces of ruffles together, follow this tutorial to learn how to make a ruffle. Lay the ruffle inside out on top of the bottom of the blouse right side out {right sides facing} and attatch the ruffle to the blouse.

And ta da! you have the perfect blouse, so go out and enjoy the day!

P.s. I added a belt to give it a waist, you dont have to make one, but if you want to you can simply measure your waist add 10-15" cut a piece of fabric that length. sew it and flip it inside out, wrap around your waist and tie it in a pretty little bow! Confused probably, I am not the best at explaining these things. Questions? just ask!

A few tips :
Always press your seams with a hot iron.
use the same color thread as your fabric. This always adds a touch of professionalism. {not like my white thread that sticks out.}

Check out hAha's edited pics of my Yellow skirt. This is how I wantetd the photos to look. I need photoshop!


Me and Jones, 5 months pregnant with C.

My 2 sisters who live by me, prego with their boys.

Me prego with Tober at 8 months.

I have been thinking a lot about pregancy lately. Probably because 50% of the people I know right now are pregnant, or just had a baby. I want another baby. My body is already giving me all the go ahead signs. I get butterflies in my stomach when I think about it. There is excitement and an overwhelming happiness at the thought of our family growing. Then there is also fear. I am not the same person when I am pregnant. Although I love having a little person growing inside of me, my body tends to react by throwing up a lot. I have a lot of pre labor which makes me completely useless that last month. I resent not having a body that can run and play with my son. I feel guilty for not being able to be strong, for not just pushing through my physical discomfort. I see other pregnant Women who manage to keep excersizing and eating almost the same as they did before and I wish that I could be pregnant like that. I think "it's not fair". Then I see the other side of the spectrum, Women like my Sister in law who suffers from Depression and look at the sacirfice she makes everytime she decides to bring another child into this world. She is willing to risk her emotional, mental, and physical well being, and it is a risk. She suffers so much and all so that a precious little one can join their family.

I am scared to be pregnant again. I tell myself it has to get better each time, right? I always said that Heavenly Father "blesses" us with the ability to forget how bad labor and pregnancy is, and the desire to do it again. He's got me, I want a baby, and I know when I am ready, I will be willing to make that sacrifice again. Besides I still have time to prepare and enjoy my body while it is healthy, and all mine.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

And They Were all Yellow

Pho-toes by hAha

skirt by TheSpanishlady

This is one of my latest items of clothing, brought to life by the fabulous photography of my sista in law hAha, {one day over due with her baby}, she is such a doll, coming over and taking pics with me, I was kind of being goofy so most of them I am making this face. It was still fun though, and always will be ;)

And I just had to add these 2 cause Tober is just too cute, {MOm tell me she doesn't remind you of the pixie shtick!}
P.s. I just realized that I was listening to Coldplay when I made this skirt. Makes the title of this post even more appropriate.

I was just sitting at my sewing machine, pushing fabric letters through the machine, and thinking about all the stuff I have made in the past 2 months. I started this Challenge because I wanted to learn to sew, or sew better. I wanted to push myself outside of my comfort zone and try something that I have dreamt of doing for years. For me, it has never been easy to learn new things, especially with an audience. I guess I am too proud and scared to fail. Today sitting at my machine looking at my amateur sewing, I can be happy with what I have accomplished. I am still a little scared and I am sure my heart will beat pretty fast when I mail all of these projects to their new owners and know that soon they will see them up close, but I am not scared enough to stop. I love this, and I am starting to love myself too.

Thanks again to all of you who participated in the challenge, for letting me try, and for your patience! :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Request numero 8?

I can never remember what number I am on... Anyways Today I have been working on Alphabet magnets {kind of using this tutorial}, and they are looking so cute I want them for myself :) C can't stop playing with them, I always love it when he plays with the things I make.

My craft room is a bit of a mess and very disorganized so I am trying to make sense of the place. C and Tober are cooperating well enough, at least they aren't eating each other yet.

It feels like a Monday, I miss Jones. Just found out he gets next Monday off, so we are considering taking the weekend and going camping. C would love it, any opportunity to throw rocks and he is happy.
I have made a dress and a skirt that I wish to show you all but my Phot-o-grapher is due today to give birth... hopefully...maybe I will snap some of my own...although they never turn out as good.

Sometimes I wish all of you didn't live so far away, and that we actually knew each other, not just through our blogs, that way you could come over, chat me up, help me figure out my craft room, laugh at my children with me, and whip up something delicious for our husbands. Sigh.
Thoughts about the Lost Finale and life.
I believe that TV, like music, has huge power to affect the minds of those watching. This power could be used for good, but more often it seems it is used for evil. I don't enjoy watching a group of people I loved in the first season grow very little in the next 5 {if at all} Kill, have sex and do various other horrible things selfishly, all to have it wrapped up in a nice bow at the end with cheesy smiles. Sometimes I wish I could just sit back and enjoy a show without thinking about what the moral of the story is. Even if the writers try to make it a "happy ending" my memories of the show will always be of the character's never being able to make a good decision, until they all died sad and alone. :( It is continually disappointing to me that we hold no one accountable for their actions anymore. I loved that the characters all had pasts, I was ok with all of their flaws, but after 7 seasons I am disappointed that there wasn't really a lesson learned just a lot of in the moment decisions that ended up being bad ones. Maybe I am too critical, I just miss TV with characters worth watching and stories that mattered.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


My C at 3 years old is writing his Alphabet! it is the cutest thing!

He will ask me to show him how letters look but for the most part he just does it on his own. He aslo tries to write his name. I am happy to see that he is learning and growing, it gives me hope for our future with home schooling.

Today was a very good Sunday, and later the Family is coming over to watch Lost:series finale. Good times ahead.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hey there baby L

My newest Nephew {I now have 8} I sure do love babies. Tober is surrounded by boys! not a bad place to be :)

Taking the day off

My little girl coudn't go to sleep last night. Something was seriously bothering her, teeth, gas, who knows, all I is I have never seen a baby so angry, kicking and screaming,not at us, it was a long night. This morning I have little desire to do anything but sit here and eat the chocolate chip muffins I made yesterday. Hopefully a day off is all I need and I will be back in business tomorrow. Yes a day of online shopping{window shopping} at Anthro and other favorites is all I need. Happy Thursday everyone.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I spent the morning perusing a store called shipwreck beads. Goodness it is a big store! I thought it was going to be a 30 minute trip and it turned into an hour and a half failure because they didn't have the beads I was looking for :( I am trying to recreate the necklace above. Oh well keep looking. I did pick up a few beads just for playing around with, we'll see maybe I can come up with something.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Request #...what number are we on.. oh 7

These are the Hair clips for Carrie as promised in my Challenge last month. It is quite a dark and gloomy day here so the colors are a little off in the pictures. I hope you like them, and as always if they aren't what you had inmind let me know, I would prefer that you get what you wanted.

7 down, 6 more to go.

I am still finishing :

Taylors Apron
the letter G
alphabet magnets
cow pillow
alphabet blocks
sea glass necklace

And just so you know I plan on shipping all of the projects I have finished on June 15th! so mark your calenders and hope everything goes as planned.

Here is a recap of what I have made so far:

Little white Dress for Biscuit

My baby sister is having a baby girl in June. I call her Biscuit. This dress I made just for her{ ignore the wrinkles}. It is tiny and she will probably only wear is once but it is totally worth it. I just hope it fits! Newborn clothing is weird to make, It just feel so small! but I held the dress up to new baby L and it looked good, so lets pray she doesn't have a 10 lb baby. :)