Monday, May 24, 2010

Request numero 8?

I can never remember what number I am on... Anyways Today I have been working on Alphabet magnets {kind of using this tutorial}, and they are looking so cute I want them for myself :) C can't stop playing with them, I always love it when he plays with the things I make.

My craft room is a bit of a mess and very disorganized so I am trying to make sense of the place. C and Tober are cooperating well enough, at least they aren't eating each other yet.

It feels like a Monday, I miss Jones. Just found out he gets next Monday off, so we are considering taking the weekend and going camping. C would love it, any opportunity to throw rocks and he is happy.
I have made a dress and a skirt that I wish to show you all but my Phot-o-grapher is due today to give birth... hopefully...maybe I will snap some of my own...although they never turn out as good.

Sometimes I wish all of you didn't live so far away, and that we actually knew each other, not just through our blogs, that way you could come over, chat me up, help me figure out my craft room, laugh at my children with me, and whip up something delicious for our husbands. Sigh.
Thoughts about the Lost Finale and life.
I believe that TV, like music, has huge power to affect the minds of those watching. This power could be used for good, but more often it seems it is used for evil. I don't enjoy watching a group of people I loved in the first season grow very little in the next 5 {if at all} Kill, have sex and do various other horrible things selfishly, all to have it wrapped up in a nice bow at the end with cheesy smiles. Sometimes I wish I could just sit back and enjoy a show without thinking about what the moral of the story is. Even if the writers try to make it a "happy ending" my memories of the show will always be of the character's never being able to make a good decision, until they all died sad and alone. :( It is continually disappointing to me that we hold no one accountable for their actions anymore. I loved that the characters all had pasts, I was ok with all of their flaws, but after 7 seasons I am disappointed that there wasn't really a lesson learned just a lot of in the moment decisions that ended up being bad ones. Maybe I am too critical, I just miss TV with characters worth watching and stories that mattered.


hAha said...

I am due today, however I am a slight 2cm dilated, doing laundry, and making a boyish sk-urtain for my once super frilly bassinet. So basically I'm lazing around the house, you want pix we can do pix. I saw a place to take some pix of your carni dress, even though it's not a carnival. You just need a balloon (helium filled) that matches a stripe in your dress, and there are amazing walls downtown that could accomodate the laptop skirt:) up to you and what you're willing to do with kids. Or we can plan separate days for each outfit. And apparently it's going to rain here...duh. Okay I should just call and make some tentative plans. Lost finale=boring

Miss Muffin said...

Oh, that ABC is so gorgeous! I love the different patterns of the fabric! Really really cute!

And shall I tell you something really weird? I do not own a TV! (Hope you do not fall down in shock!) I simply do not enjoy it! I do watch movies - but I watch them on DVD (or blueray now). This started out to be just because I (we) did not have enough money to spend on a TV but has become a very good decision. And even though we could buy one now if we really wanted to ... we won't! I'm really happy with the way it is.