Thursday, May 27, 2010

Friday's, I mean Thursday's Highlights

Today was a good day. It felt like a friday, probably because I had the car and I usually only have the car on the weekends.

Here a few tastes of my day:
*$2 meals at Taco bell { C will actually eat a quesadilla!}
*Going Downtown and letting C play in the fountain. He got soaked, lucky for us the SUn was out!
*Kidnapping T pants and bringing him home to play.
*Showing off my new blouse at the In-laws.
*Watching Pops Garden
*Hearing encouraging words (thanks Disney, Moms and Pops)
*Hearing the Loud roar of the truck telling me my Jones was Home.
*C running in here as I am typing this and giving me a play by play of the movie UP he is watching in the other room.
*Knowing tonight the weekend has officially started. :)

My thoughts are with hAha as she awaits her little Finn, I sure hope he comes soon, I am almost starting to miss him {can you miss someone you have never met?} I know that she is going to do amazing and look forward to sharing in her Birthing stories!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Love, TheSpanishLady

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