Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mother's Day Fabric Flower vase

When I saw this tutorial on MADE I knew that I had to make something like this except I am putting my own twist on it. When I am done they wont exactly be no sew flowers but still pretty easy.

So this is how I plan to make a Vase that will also be used as a place to hold some flower brooch pins and Pens with pretty flowers on the ends.

My starting materials consist of:

1/4 yd. Felt

1/4 yd. Chiffon
An apple juice can

ka bob sticks/ craft sticks

jems{$2 at joann's}

loose pearls {$2 joann's}

Brooch pin

pinking shears


needle and thread

Fabric tac glue {or a glue stick}


My first flower is a brooch.

I simply took the chiffon, folded it over 4 times, and using pinking shears cut out various petal sizes. I used about 15 petals for this flower.

Then I pinched them at the bottom and threaded one on top of another, adjusting their direction as I went.

I sewed the gems and pearls randomly to create an Anthropologie look.

I didn't take a picture of the next step, but I cut 2 circles out of the felt and stitched one to the back of the flower, making sure the petals were all where I wanted them. then I took the 2nd circle and cut 2 slits, inserted the brooch pin and glued it to the other piece of felt.

And now for a break, the next step is still to come...

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MelancholySmile said...

Those are beautiful. You are always so creative!