Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kid News

In kid news, My Tober Cake is getting her first tooth, and starting to try and say d and m sounds and C buggums is writing the word Mom and Dad and spelling Stop. They constantly amaze me and keep me on my toes. Now that I am recovered from my move {mostly} I am crafting up some mothers day gifts, and loving getting back into my jive.

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Miss Muffin said...

Kids are amazing, aren't they? And yours look totally cute, too!!!
Btw, that photo that you commented on over on my blog - it is actually not where we live right now. I took that photo when we went to my parents' place for my granddad's 90th birthdayparty at the weekend. So this is where I grew up. But it does look similar here. I love the woods! I guess cause it's where I grew up ... a walk through the woods always calms me and makes me feel more in peace with the world. And very thankful to be alive! :-)