Monday, May 17, 2010

Request #...what number are we on.. oh 7

These are the Hair clips for Carrie as promised in my Challenge last month. It is quite a dark and gloomy day here so the colors are a little off in the pictures. I hope you like them, and as always if they aren't what you had inmind let me know, I would prefer that you get what you wanted.

7 down, 6 more to go.

I am still finishing :

Taylors Apron
the letter G
alphabet magnets
cow pillow
alphabet blocks
sea glass necklace

And just so you know I plan on shipping all of the projects I have finished on June 15th! so mark your calenders and hope everything goes as planned.

Here is a recap of what I have made so far:


hAha said...

well hey there. lovin that cute white dress for bizkit.
uhm that's a dangerously huge picture of me. totally hot, but huge ;) you're a crafting wizard...wait are wizards what's the equivalent for girls? you are a crafting witch? uh...don't think so. i'll keep working on that...hermione granger is a it could work...cuz she's cute and crafty...
well, i'll just leave it at that. you're cute and crafty.

Christie said...

I am amazed that you are still doing this! Way to go!

Just wanted to stop and say thanks for all the sweet comments. I always go to reply to your comments but it says noreply in the to field. So I decided to stop by! So glad you are excited for the challenge!

Carrie said...

Love them! Thanks! And you even put the owl for Brenna in there!! You sweet sweet thing.