Monday, May 10, 2010

HappY MOther's Day

I had a beautiful Mother's day. It started with a delicious breakfast Jones made me, and ended (exhausted) watching X-files season 1.

I spent the majority of the day thinking of my Heavenly Father and the love that He has for his Children. I love my family, and their efforts to show me that they care.

At church I teach a class of Nine 6 yr old kids, we made some paper napkin flowers and cards for their mother's it was messy but they turned out beautiful. All of the Mother's were given these Hershey's Symphony Bars, but they were wrapped in the cutest paper. You might not be able to see it clearly but the nutritional facts all say 0%. :)

To the MOm's in my life, I love you all so dearly. Hope your day was Smazing :)
Now it is Monday and it feels like it. I am exhausted {October didn't sleep last night} But really want to finish 2 of my projects from my challenge last month. We shall see.

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