Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A New Challenge!

Now that the Ruffles and Stuff contest has ended, I find myself with too much free mental time that is beginning to be filled with anxiety and thoughts of money and moving, and who wants to be bothered with things like that! So I propose a New Challenge.

Here's what I am thinking, All of you out there that have a list of wants or craft projects that need finished send me the ideas. Whatever it is I am up for the challenge. If I pick your project and I successfully make it you get to keep it. Does that make sense? It can be clothing accessories, for the Home, etc. I look forward to seeing if anyone responds, please do!

You can email me at Chocolatepeppers@yahoo.com

To see some of my previous works check this out. You can also check out my etsy shop.


Carrie said...

This is a joke right? You're awesome. Two little kids, moving, and you're wanting to take on MORE projects?!?! You can bet I'll be sending you my project - I just have to decide on which one!

sandovalita said...

hola! oh my! your fantastic! loved your ruffles & stuff entry, i'll def. be checking back to your blog!

PixieShtick said...

I know how that feels. You want something to do but don't know what. Even when you have kids, dishes, dinner to fix.

ricebabies said...

Ok I am emailing you right now. This sounds good.

Casey said...

super awesome idea! I have SO many things I want to do but probably never will! I'll try and figure out just one idea to send you