Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday, Monday

I woke up this morning ready to start packing. The weekend started kind of roughly, October kept us up really late Friday and then I dreamt about being able to pack without the kids so when I woke up Saturday I left the house and with my wondeful fam as a distraction managed to go all weekend without either stressfully packing or resenting my children because I couldn't get anything done. Unfortunately now it is Monday and I am having a hard time finding my crafts or anything else interesting enough to keep my mind from drifting towards packing. If this keeps up we are going to be all packed and ready to move by friday. Maybe that wouldn't be all bad.


I have also been so busy I forgot to post that my Brother and his Wife just had their baby!
A beautiful baby girl, who has had some troubles already and is in the NICU, looks like she will be going home tommorow, I hope. Not really sure if I meantioned it before but I currently still have 4 sisters/in-law pregnant and expecting in the next few months. Apparantly I am the only woman in my family not pregnant. In fact this Sat. is a baby shower for Pip and Hilbilly so I am going to be busily making baby boy gifts for the two of them, yay, I'll post pictures of said gifts next week, wouldn't want to spoil the surprise.


Just Looking said...

You're *dreaming* about packing? You silly girl - you just want that craft room, dontchaknow!

You can leave the kidlets with me for Big Move Saturday and we can work out a few hours of child-free packing once I recuperate from the weekend :) Hang in there ADD girl.

TheSpanishLady said...

You da best Mama R.