Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I'm Leaving, On A Jet Plane..

Why is it that whenever my kids do anything adorable I am always too late to catch it in video? C just had a phone call with his 4 yr. old cousin PH and it went something like this:

C- "oh Ph What you doing coming on an airplane to California? Oh! I really miss you, now I sad..." then C puts the phone down to stop Tober from getting his trains. When he realizes he did this the conversation continues.
" Oh I am sorry to you. I miss you in California"
Ph-" I am coming in the morning on an airplane with Grandma to get you and then you can come and play" Then he realized I was listening and told me to put Clark back on.

They continued like that for a while until C accidently hung up on him and then not so accidently threw the phone in his suitcase and closed it.

Love the free entertainment that is my 3 yr. old.

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