Monday, April 26, 2010

Quite the Weekend, Quite the week

My weekend was full of good times and good food, and poor picture taking. I forgot to take pictures of my baby shower gifts :( so I am going to have to get someof those still. I did however get a few shots of my nephews.

It was fun to be there with them and celebrate these 2 little boys. Both of these Ladies constantly inspire and amaze me and teach me so much about the way I want to be a Mother in this day and age. It was fun to watch as they got fuzzy cloth diapers and other fabulous homemade oils and other gifts that truly represented the kind of hippie chic women that they are.

I was very blessed with the family I have and equally blessed with the family I married into. Love ya guys.

TOday the plan is to get excited about moving, have a playdate for C, anxiously await my husband as He gets home from work and just enjoy my family and our last 5 days in this apartment!

Note of encouragement to self: You sold 2 Items on Etsy yesterday! You are legit. in fact you are too legit to quit, so keep it up, you love it and it is worth it. Bam.


Just Looking said...

Congratulations on the sales! Luv the pics, especially the last two - and hugs and kisses back at ya. Our fam is just growin more awesome day by day, and I didn't even think it could get any better :)

The Wild Preserver said...

I just had to say a big, fat THANK YOU for posting these awesome picts of the shower. Sure wish I could have been there, but Hil is in such good hands with all of her AWESOME in-law family, my heart is at peace. Also thank you for being such a great sis-in-law to her, she has benefitted from three beautiful & caring sisters - you're all a great addition to her beloved brothers!
Good luck with moving - sigh - hard to leavings are so tough! God bless!
Congrats on your etsy sales! It's SO FUN TO SELL STUFF you make, your work is beautiful!..I'm having a ball with it myself.
Thanks for letting me "horn in" on your posting comments as you only know me a very little bit.
Cindy/Moms-the-brawler/the Wild Preserver