Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Goodwill Treasures

Yesterday was spent cleaning and packing, I wanted to take a break from my projects because I find that it does me some good to step back every once and a while and look at what I am making. It helped, I figured out 3 of the projects and I am very ready to continue today.
When I went out for groceries I snuck into Goodwill to see if I could find something to make my chandelier around and I did, but thats not all I found. I also got 3 huge pieces of fabulous fabric for 99 cents each! I am so excited to work with them. I love a good steal.


Carrie said...

Ahhh Goodwill. My home away from home. Glad the thrifting stars were aligned for you!

Miss Muffin said...

Wow, what a good deal! I loved the goodwill shops when I was in England. Where I live now here in Germany there is no such store close by. :-(
And such great fabric! I love the tartan-one!!!