Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My CardBoard Chandelier Request #4

I had a hard time with the chandelier. Not with making it but with coming up with a design using stuff I had around the house. Then Jones suggested that I make it out of cardboard and drew me a little example {I love having a very manly yet Artsy husband} and voila! Just like that the chandelier came to life.

First I drew these shapes onto a cardboard box. I didn't need a big box and the tallest piece is only about a foot tall. After I did the first one I just used that to trace the other pieces, that way I made sure they were the same size.
The 2 circles hold the sides together, and you can just cut your hole to fit your lightsource. I used an Ikea cord (only $3.99)
Then I primed the pieces with white paint so that the spray paint would stick and show up well.
After a couple coats of spray paint and a couple of hours for drying, I added some princess jewelry and Christmas ornaments. I am actually not quite done adding jewels but I just couldn't wait to post this awesome Chandelier. I love it!
I already have an idea in my head for a Mod one I want to make using pieces shaped like this to make a ball.

So here you go Julie, hope you like it!

P.s. As for the fire hazzard Jones and I both looked up the dangers and found that it would be as unlikely to start a fire with this as it would any other lamp shade. As long as it is not touching the bulb there is no problem.

To ease any fears I have cut the cardboard to be even furthur from the bulb and will post a picture soon. However if you are still not comfortable with it I understand. Safety is most important, even before design. :)


Miss Muffin said...

Wow, this looks so cute! Who would have thought that something this pretty can be made out of cardboard! Good job!!!

Just Looking said...

Sweetie, it's gorgeous but I'm worried about the fire hazard of having painted cardboard so close to a lightbulb. Not only is it dangerous but you'd have liability issues...
Leave it to me to rain on the parade. Sorry.

Just Looking said...

I spent the morning researching the possible hazards and you're absolutely right - low hazard. Sorry! The bulbs themselves are more risky than your chandelier. M for Amazing just saw it over my shoulder and is totally impressed - awesome creation!

Jules said...

I LOVE it! One of a kind.