Wednesday, May 5, 2010

TheSpanishLady's Guide to Moving

1.When moving locally rent a Uhaul or other type moving truck. It saved us time (only took us 4 1/2 hours) and energy for a relatively low price ($60 Includes insurance and mileage for a 14' truck).

2.Don't push yourself too hard and know your limits. When people offer to help it is ok to accept. Or if you are like me you can wait til you fall apart and then call a brother and sister in law and good friends to come and rescue you at the last minute. {Thank you!}

3.If you can, arrange to get the key as early as possible and get some groceries into the new place, this way you won't have to do it after you move in. Icecream is always a good idea.

4. The night before the move treat yourself, I took a nice bath free of kids{soaking the muscles that were only about to get 10 times more sore}, painted my toenails a wonderful yellow, and went to bed as early as possible. * IF YOu are and Aveda fan, like I am, and love their Rosemary Mint shampoo but not their salon price go get Suave's new Rosemary Mint Shampoo, It is AMAZING!! It smells great, feels fabulous and smells even better! and only costs $4 compared to Aveda's $32.

5.Save boxes. I always buy my diapers in bulk, and when I do I always save my box. This way when I move I have plenty of boxes, free! they may be small but the are great for Books, Glass cups, and other such items that are either heavy or fragile. Also, Instead of buying larger boxes for Clothing items and blankets I used trash bags, Both the big black ones and my normal 13gal. A box of 80 bags can cost you about 6-8 bucks and you will have plenty!

6. Label everything! I love labeling things anyways but it will really cut down on having to relocate boxes if you can label them and get them into the right room in the first place. I just kept a sharpie marker and masking tape in my apron pocket as I packed and marked everything I could!

7. Make extra sure you keep your keys on you at all times. This way you wont lock yourself out {guilty} and it will save you the time money and a night's sleep worrying that your locksmith was really a murderer who is going to come back and kill you in your sleep. {again guilty}

8. Budget for all the extra things like Picture hangings, appliances, A swiffer (I moved from carpet to pergo floors) Food for your moving helpers and as always a trip to Ikea to fill in the blanks. :)

9. Bring some nature with you, or in my case have an awesome Hilbilly to buy you some beautiful potted herbs for my kitchen window! Having plants will make it feel that much more like home.

10. Enjoy what you can, don't forget to breathe, it's ok if you cry, be thankful for all your help, and take the week off and take in your new place!

Pictures/ video of our new place are coming.


Carrie said...

Love the icecream idea. Totally essential! Can't wait to see your new place.

Casey said...

wait, Uhauls are that cheap?? sheesh, we just moved last weekend also and used our truck, took 2 days!