Thursday, May 13, 2010

My personal guide to cloth diapers

I have lots of Sisters :), all of them amazing Women. 2 of my Sisters in law, Pip and Haha, are prego and about to pop {in fact I think one is right now...} and I can't wait for their little boys to join our growing family. I have been amazed at how they handle their pregnancies and motherhood. I love how couragous and strong they are.

Our family is slowly but surely taking steps towards being more self sufficient. Both of these fine ladies are cloth diapering and I have now officially hopped on the BandWagon. It wasn't a hard choice for me. I dislike disposables, they stink, they're ugly and they keep me dependent on a local store to provide them for me. Tober looks so adorable crawling around in her little green diapers. I know I might have some ups and downs with this but I also know I will have some fine Ladies helping me on my way. They paved the road for me, doing all the research and then advice from personal experience. I am just so thankful to have the support that I have.

If you are interested in Changing to cloth diapers, you can check out this blog post. Or if you are just curious what I bought to get started here is a list:

-4 flip diaper covers $13.95 each.

Pro's these covers can be reused by changing the insert instead of being a one time only like other diapers. Also they are one size fits all 8-35lbs

-12 flip diaper inserts $3.60 each. {normally 4.95 ea but I bought them in a package with covers}

Pro's easy to use and they keep the baby from getting a diaper rash, however you may have to change your baby more often than with prefolds(i guess I will find out)

-12 prefold diaper inserts $28.95.

Pro's super absorbent and cheapest insert. Con's you have to use microfleece to keep the baby from getting a diaper rash. {easy solution buy micro fleece baby blanket from Goodwill for .99 and cut it up you'll get about 20 sheets!}

-1 whammie all in one $17.95

Pro's super easy to use, comes with an insert that goes into a closed pocket all you have to do is put the diaper on and off just like adisposable. great for babysitters, grandma and dad, plus it came in Red!

Con's you can only use it once, and then you have to wash it. $$$

-Wet bag Medium size-$16.50

Pro's This is a bag with a sealed lining to keep your dirty diaper's in your diaper bag. Besides being super cute it also takes the place of carrying around a million trash bags. *this pic in not the exact bag I got. This is a wet/dry bag which means it has a pouch for your clean diapers too. I kind of wish I had gotten this one but it cost a little mo money.

Planet wise bags are the prettiest wet bags have ever seen! even if you dont use cloth diapers these bags work for wet gym clothes and swimsuits!

Pro's sprayer gets the poop off your diaper so that you dont have to.

Con's the sprayer can spray poo {so I hear} my plan is to get a deep bucket for next to the toilet.

Here is my "to get list"
-Diaper pail bag. 12.50 - 22.50 depending on the brand. I just want something that will hang in my laundry room.
-essential oils $15 {altogether}needed to make my own wipes { I took recieving blankets and cut them up into wipes!}
-2 more flip covers and 6 more inserts $50
after all that I will be completely set! hopefully :)
P.s. I just successfully cleaned my first disasterous poo diaper and a word of advice for those of you who cant afford a bum genius sprayer, buy flushable toddler wipes instead of the regular baby wipes this way you can wipe and flush a majority of the poo. I am planning on making my own wipes but I still think these would come in handy.


hAha said...

Hi hi! That was fun yesterday! I'm going to wash my diadeys today! And speedily prepare a tech theatre workshop for youth conference tonight:/ :) that is if I don't go into labor, right, right?
if you were linking "check out this blog post" to my cloth diaper post, it didn't work:( try again:)
and just a favor, could you re-add my blog to you blog list on the side, it's not spyglass anymore, so if u re-add my URL it will update:) thanks a million! (same goes for rhondas, whose is merelylooking now)
Oh and the word I was trying to find about regular laundry detergents is "additives" those are what gunk up diapers fast and they can be harsh on baby:)
the end!

Loves you!

hAha said...

Oh hey, I made all the mommies to be in my life a book of recipes to make wipe solutions, shampoos, etc. Eco friendly:) that's what I gave Pip and that's what she is using to make her solutions etc....Would you like one it won't be in book form because I don't have a printer anymore but I can send it to you PDF style:) ?

Crys said...

Absolutely! Yay, it's like Christmas!