Thursday, May 20, 2010

Taking the day off

My little girl coudn't go to sleep last night. Something was seriously bothering her, teeth, gas, who knows, all I is I have never seen a baby so angry, kicking and screaming,not at us, it was a long night. This morning I have little desire to do anything but sit here and eat the chocolate chip muffins I made yesterday. Hopefully a day off is all I need and I will be back in business tomorrow. Yes a day of online shopping{window shopping} at Anthro and other favorites is all I need. Happy Thursday everyone.

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Miss Muffin said...

Oh, I think I know how you feel! I often have those days actually.I guess that is just part of being a mom. I realized that once I simply accepted it I could handle it all MUCH better!
Hope you ha a good day off!!! Wish you strengths!
You know whenever I have a rough day - or night - with my baby I think that God must really have lots of faith in me cause he thinks that I can handle that! That thought helps me so much to just do what needs to be done and stay calm and help the little one as much as I can ...