Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas presents

I should be comforted by the fact that Christmas is still a month away, but these days that time goes by really quick. As of right now I have exactly zero gifts made/purchased. In fact all I have are ideas, and some chump change. I want to make Tober clothes for her Rapunzel Barbie, and a purse, maybe some play jewelry. She has turned into a very girly girl over night, so anything pink, purple, sparkly, or pretty, and She will be as happy as can be.
For C I couldn't quite figure out what I wanted to do. He is really into super heroes right now, so when I saw
this on my sister-in-laws blog (Found here.)I thought maybe I will just go all out super hero theme.

costumes/masks? flash cards?
puzzles like Dana made only super heroes of course.

Alfred is pretty much getting food.

Gift baskets for extended family, I like the idea of Christmas from around the world, gathering treats from everywhere and wrapping them up.

I love the idea of making cute bean bags/ poufs.
It would take me forever and cost a small fortune to make these but they are super cute.

you can send them empty, with a gift card for a local grocery store to buy the rice/beans to fill them with.

I would love to make some laundry bags to send gifts in as well like these ones at urbanoutfitters

Penny art has been tugging at my brain as well.
or mixing pennies and nickles to make some beautiful letters.

It is time to stop thinking about what I want to do and actually doing something.

My wish list

wooden spools and unique trims 


Singin' Heart said...

Love your ideas! I was actually thinking about you today (I know crazy right :) I was thinking about what a fabulous job you did last year with gifts, specifically with me and your help in purchasing my black boots. Those boots are amazing and are practically all that I wear now that it's cold. Your are such a great sister. Love you girl!

gman said...

I find that homemade gifts can be hit or miss with the recipients but if you make the kind of quality items shown on your blog you won’t have any complaints. Me on the other hand…homemade gifts from me are like giving my best garbage in a beautiful box. I decided to give my in-laws a DISH Network Sling Adapter at my wife’s urging because I have the employee Sling. They travel around it their RV all year while calling frequently to rub in where they are at while complaining they are missing the news. Now they can’t stop talking about how nice it is to watch TV on their laptop through an air card that gets the TV from the Sling at home. Honestly I don’t mind them bragging now that they brag about my gift.