Sunday, November 20, 2011


On Friday Night we attended a Murder Mystery Birthday party for my good friend.
Jones and I were part of the WereClan {I was a wolf in sheeps clothing...get it, ok that is the last time I will tell that joke I swear.}.  More specifically I was the ruler and he was my man(were) slave, that secretly was trying to over throw me all along.
My name was Bastet {let's see you make a joke out of that Colt}

:) we won best costumes.

Even though we had some stiff competition
Scotty as Arthur the bumbling idiot.

Cuban as Prince Allendro...

Who ended up killing me twice.

It was confusing and fun at the same time. Definitely worth getting a babysitter to get dressed up and play with some friends.


Singin' Heart said...

That sounds awesome!!! And you guys look fabulous!
Love the chest hair on jones.

MelancholySmile said...

How do you phonetically spell snort-laugh? Because that chest hair totally made me laugh out my nose. You guys are the best!