Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hooray for the library

Having no money has it's ups. For example there are certain places that wouldn't be as special if we were just rollin' in the dough. We love to spend time going out and doing something as a family, and with no budget this can become difficult. The Library is a place we had yet to explore as a family with kids. Jones and I use to go there all the time when we lived by the beach. We were broke then too. A couple weeks ago we set out, got our passports to imagination{library cards} and came home with a stack of books for the kids. I pretty much let them walk with me down the aisles and any book they grabbed we got. Jones continues to win my love by coming home with Norwegian murder mysteries, wood working, and upholstery books. Tober has only ever grabbed 2 books so far. Both because they were pink and purple and had a princess on the cover. Speaking of Tober, that little girl is the best. She actually picks the broccoli and mushrooms out of her dinner to eat first cause they are her favorite. When she gives you a hug it is with every part of her body, even her toes. Ok back on track, I love the Library. I am really just grateful for the opportunity we have to experience things as a family. To explore and grow together and not let our financial situation split us apart but allow us to grow closer.  

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Singin' Heart said...

That is something we have been doing a lot too. I love how well behaved my kids are in the library - surprising. And I'm with you, they can choose anything and everything which ends up only being a couple books each trip (they have to be able to carry them) but I love that whatever catches their eye they can check out - a fun treat that is free.

We also do story time which is great cause they have a theme each week with set out books for them about that theme that they can choose from. Makes it easier for mr Atticus who can just see the picture cover and choose from that ;) I love how much my kids are reading!

Being poor definetly has its advantages ;)