Friday, March 14, 2014

Crazy busy

Life has been crazy busy these last few weeks. Jones and I trade off who has to be on the computer, or at a meeting, watching the kids and so on. We finally sit down around 9 for some time together and then end up staying up too late because we like being with each other.  It's been a bit exhausting, good thing it's date night tonight.

We have had really warm and lovely weather sandwiched by freezing snowing weather. Literally every 3 days or so it changes. I feel like spring is on it's way in  though.

A few weeks ago I volunteered to make a gown for someone. It was such an awesome experience.

Things I have learned about myself
-I can not sew straight lines
-with a lot of practice, pressing and drawing chalk lines, I can almost sew straight lines
-sometimes I forget to cut a piece in muslin first, and because I am new to pattern making, I end up sewing     the same piece over and over. Thank  you seam ripper.

because of these things I get half way through a project and feel like I am a complete failure. Jones offers words of encouragement, I finish my project and I am able to see

-That I made a gown from scratch, no pattern, no instructions.
-having to repeat steps helps me to understand the shapes I am trying to create.
-Even with it's flaws it's beautiful
-some of the store bought items I have have similar flaws, am I comparing myself to an impossible standard?
-tomorrow is a chance to get better, I am already better than I was yesterday.


hAha said...

All of this is amazing! Love the honesty. Love the dress! Love you!

Sam said...

I LOVE the gown you made me! You are amazing!!!