Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Bwubs and I have been having a difficult couple of weeks. I stopped nursing him a couple months ago and formula and Bwubs do not get along. He drinks it just fine. It just doesn't seem to want to come out. ever. This makes him super fussy. I am at that point where some days I just can't handle the sound of his cries anymore. It makes me feel like a bad mom when I feel that way.
Especially since he has been the easiest and sweetest baby, and still is the sweetest. He is the cuddliest baby ever.

 He is already interested in the iphone, one more person to fight when I need to use it.:)

Does he remind you of anyone?

(Tober 2010)

I have to admit that despite the crazy couple of weeks we've had I am going to miss baby Bwubs more than any of our other babies. The way he crawls around to each member of his family and forcibly gives them kiss and bear hugs. I am sure his big friendly giant personality won't go away, but I will still miss his super chubby super slobbery happy baby self. 
Happy 11 months big boy.

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hAha said...

precious baby. nice captures!