Wednesday, March 27, 2013

38 weeks pregnant

 I am 38 weeks pregnant! I have never felt this good at 38 weeks. I mean I have the usual, my back hurts, I am huge can't wait to sleep normal sort of thing and I have even had some late nights with contractions but not as much as I usually do. I feel good.
Well mostly. I get a bit emotional and frustrated with my kids these days. When Tober is being dramatic and Alfred is destroying everything I find myself feeling overwhelmed by it. Alfred can open doors and no longer sleeps in a crib. This means there is no containing him, no safe place. He has drawn on EVERYTHING and almost everyday I find something he has broken irreparably.
Remember his big portrait? It doesn't exist anymore. This is how it looked at phase one of destruction. Now it is in the trash in about 6 different pieces cause he tore it apart.

one of his murals in his room

                       Look at that face, guilty as can be.

Whenever things get crazy like this I just have to remind myself it doesn't last. We will ride it out and then be right back there again with Everest.
It's the circle of life. Despite their craziness I love my Babies sooooooo much. I love my husband and my family and can't wait to meet my newest son in just a matter of weeks.

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