Thursday, October 13, 2011

Great day Wednesday

Yesterday was a great day.
We went out to a pumpkin patch, smelled smelly animals, bounced in bouncy houses and went in a corn maze until we found the special beans that we could exchange for candy. My cousin and his family joined us and the weather was perfect. 

Then after we filled our bellies with pumpkin pie blizzards 
we headed to the mountains and rode the Sundance ski lift full moon ride.
It was freezing and gorgeous and I was just happy to have spent the day surrounded by my favorite people.
C couldn't stop talking. He loved it, and keeps asking when we can do it again. The answer, next year and every year cause it was wonderful ( a little scary at first but then wonderful)


The Little Things said...

Opps, I accidently posted from Blake's name, sorry. But, that sounds like so much fun! How much was each activity? I want to do it!

Crys said...

The pumpkin patch was $4 each person 3 and older. the full moon ride was $11per adult but last night was the last night this year. We got there a little early which is probably a good thing cause by the time we were coming back down there was huge line. Anyways pumpkin patch was on 400 S and geneva in orem.

MelancholySmile said...

What fun! I really wish it felt more like Halloween here. I kinda feel like we're just pretending that it's fall-- especially when I make Little Miss C put on sunscreen before going outside to play.