Sunday, October 16, 2011

my sweet boy

So I decided I would ask C about the shoes. I showed him the yellow ones, and he asked if there were red ones. Then he saw the teal and wanted to look at those too. Then he liked it when I showed him the stripes inside and played with the computer a little. He told me that he liked the red ones, But also the yellow. I asked him if we could make a deal and get the yellow shoes and a red sweater. He thought about it and said "I don't know about that... how about a green sweater, and a blue one for Tober."
Then we looked at sweaters online. After a while it seemed he liked playing on the computer more than he cared about which shoes he got. Then this morning as we were getting ready for church he asked me "where are my yellow shoes!?" He told me they were his favorite, probably because of the fun we had looking. 
I think we will get the yellow shoes, and then maybe take him out shopping for a sweater, whatever one he wants, if he cares at all. My boys are so good at indulging my want to dress them up. :)


Singin' Heart said...

Too cute! Sounds like you played it out just right - you're such a good mommy :)
{plus I'm glad he liked the yellow ones. They really will look good on him}

MelancholySmile said...

Yay for yellow! They're awesome. And your awesome. Well played, Spanish Lady. Well played.

The Hull Family said...

I have to admit, that you and I are a lot alike in this aspect, but you might be a little bit nicer than me!! I probably would have just bought the yellow shoes and put them in Owen's closet for him to find, and never have given him a choice. I guess I'm mean like that...ha ha!!

As far as halloween goes I am all about family costumes...hey it's only going to last a few years before the kids start to protest! This year our family is going with the Toy Story theme, so I say, stick with the speed racer idea! Can't wait to see photos of that!!