Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Family day

Today was a good day.
Today Jones woke me up with a kiss and told me he was taking off for church. by the time I came to it was about 5 til church began. I shot up and got the kids dressed in about 10 minutes and we were only 20 mins late to church.
At this very moment Every dish (but one) is clean,
most the trash is taken out, there are only 2 loads of laundry {not 5!!}
Right now we are carving pumpkins and I am thinkin of baking something yummy after all we did buy cinnamon and peanut butter chips the other day.

My kids costumes aren't finished so that will probably consume my night, but after the funk I have been in I am happy with were I am.

excited for tomorrow.
Check out my sister and her cute family

Here is a cute video of biscuit wearing her statue of liberty costume made by me.

The results

My awesome husband spent his only day off carving pumpkins for his kids, He's pretty much the best dad ever.
C actually did a really good job carving, I will have to take pics and post them. For a four year old I was pretty impressed. Once he got past the gross stuff he was able to get into it. Tober ( the opposite as usual) just liked digging out the insides, then she was done. :)


rebecca @ older and wisor said...

You got ready/out the door/to church in 25 minutes?? I bow to you.


Singin' Heart said...

Mark's such a show off ;) those are awesome!

MelancholySmile said...

Those pumpkins are so cool, it's making me regret our decision to forgo the carving of gourds this year. Next time, Gadget!