Saturday, December 29, 2012


Greetings, from the East Coast!!! we are getting all settled in over here in Maryland.
We arrived mid December, the kids and I flying in a few hours earlier than Jones, our car managed to arrive just after we did so we were able to have it right away to go and meet him at the airport. We spent our first few days in a nice hotel by the airport, a bit terrified of the unfamiliar world around me. Everything was exhausting and new in a way that made my head hurt. Then we packed up and headed to temporary housing on post, as soon as we got on base my heart seemed to calm a bit. I naturally navigated my way around, finding the commissary and housing office on my own. We were told that a house would be available in a few days, and once I saw it my heart settled even more. It was cozy, and settled perfectly next to C's school and the Commissary. With a fenced yard and play ground, it seemed unquestionably perfect for our family. The housing office expressed their concerns that it was too small for our "growing" (meaning abnormally large) family and encouraged us to wait until Feb for a larger house to become available. We were swayed for a few hours before it became very clear that it wasn't the right decision for us. Besides, what they didn't realize is, small spaces and I have worked together before :) and that most our furniture is miniature anyways. So on the Friday before Christmas we moved into our 1200 Sq ft 4bd townhome. :) and I couldn't be happier. We spent the following days unpacking like crazy,  putting up Christmas as we went, making it feel like home. We have been moved in almost a week and Heaven seems like an appropriate word for how it has been.

Maryland still feels foreign and strange to me but base living is settling in surprisingly well. Having my other half back has made everything seem so much more accomplishable and satisfying in the process. We will figure this place out and we will do it together.

The kids adore having their things, a home, a play room and most importantly, Dadoo!!
Overall we have had a pretty amazing Christmas this year, and I feel so blessed to have my family back together again. What an end to a crazy year.

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