Monday, May 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Little Man

 Bubble machine from mom and dad + Cheap sunglasses from Tober +Silly stray from C +Plasmacar from Nana and Bopa=Perfect 2 yr. old birthday

Chasing bubble pictures.

Alfred, Alfred Alfred. I love you little man. You are such a boy. You are sweet and affectionate and playful as can be. You have a Stubbornness that can be infuriating and a smile that just melts our hearts. Happy 2 years son, and may we have many many more.

 Daddy's boy for life :)

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Hull Family said...

He is so cute Crystal!! I adore the last picture of him holding the blanket. I can't believe that your "baby" really isn't the baby any more and that he's already TWO!! CRAZY! You amaze me. 4 little kids; you really are supermom.