Monday, September 7, 2009

My October Experience

I woke up sunday morning, with contractions. (When didn't I wake up with contractions in the last 3 weeks) After some debate we decided to go into the hospital. I couldn't help but feel discouraged since this would be my 3rd time to the hospital and the thought of being sent home again made my heart sink. I was so exhausted by it all.
When my midwife told me she wanted me to stay and that she was going to break my water I was so relieved and suddenly very aware of the fact that I was about to be in hard core labor. Game on.
They broke my water at 2:30 and at 4:30 after lots of sweat and a few forced involuntary grunts of pain, October joined our world, as beautiful and wonderful as can be.

We then recieved some visitors and C got to come meet his sister. He suprised me by how calm he was and by how much he already seems to love her.

Everything was perfect. Jones started work the next day and the day after that we moved into our new place. It has now been a week and other than being a little tired :) I feel great. I love my family.

Life is good.

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