Thursday, December 31, 2009


We spent our first hours of 2009 in Washington, we actually flew in and were driving to Jone's parents at midnight. It was while we were there that we found out that we were pregnant. A week after we left Pip gave birth to her first boy Tpants, we just missed it. As the year progressed we were blessed to live by family, here and in California. I have had the opportunity to serve in Young womens, and get to know some wonderful ladies. Jones and I spent less time apart than most years but still spent a month or two living apart, making us realize again how important our time together as a family is. In the last few months we have been blessed with a daughter, a job, stability, and time together. In our entire marriage I have never felt as blessed as I have these last few months.
When I was 14 I used to wonder where I would be in 2010. I had no idea I would be the mother of two beautiful children, and have a husband who loves and supports me in everything I do. This year has been a great one, but this decade has been one that will define me for the rest of my life. When we moved to Moreno valley in 2000 I made friendships that guided me through teen years, and was blessed to grow up with people who had strong moral values, and the courage to stand and live by the things they believed. I have strengthed my relationship with my Savior, and through his Atonement I have been made whole, many times. I went from being a curious 12 year old girl who held grudges and let her emotions control her, to being a 22 yr old woman who understands a little better who she is, can be guided by emotion but is no longer controlled by them, can forgive others as I have been forgiven.
I don't know where I will be in 2020 but I hope that I can say that I have grown as an individual, and that I have loved and served my family with all my heart.
Happy New Year

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