Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas time is here

I love this time of year. Jones and I have a tradition that started our first Christmas together. We got home the day after christmas from a month long traveling extravaganza, we had absolutely no money, no car and it was freezing, but we wanted to celebrate Christmas together, so we each set out, Me with the $3 we had in the bank and Jones with the $3 of change we had and shopped around downtown Salt lake for gifts for each other. Lucky for Jones, (or maybe luckier for me) there was an Anthropologie nearby, and he bought me a glass drawer knob on clearance. It was beautiful and unique, and perfect. Every year since, whether we have $3 or more, he gets me a little something from Anthropologie, and this year it was the pine cone ornament pictured above. I love my husband, and I love Christmas.

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