Friday, July 22, 2011

Things are happening...

We start moving into our new place tomorrow! It will be a process and take a while before we are settled but thats ok.

In the mean time I have been in the mood for hanging things, soft light summery things. So I turned to Martha, and found these two tutorial to keep me busy and satisfied while things are crazy.

These will make for fun decorations for Tober's 2nd birthday bash, and then they take their permanent place in our home.

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Singin' Heart said...

I love the laterns! Make me think that having a girl would be fun - not all trucks, trains and craaaaash!! Fun to talk to you guys yesterday. I've decided Skype is only for when our boys want to talk/see each other. Too hard to have one-on-one time with you, there's too much chaos ;)