Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy Happy New Year

And Happy Birthday Jones.
We had a very French New Years. 

And spent the night with the best part about coming to Utah {besides family}
These Chumlies 
 And Kirbs and JC
 Kirbs was a pretty serious Frenchmen 

The lovely Eves, Alfy's wife to be. They make googly eyes at each other all day long.

Awesome people, delicious food great way to start the new year.

 And Jones { I love you forever and always} you are looking better and better every year. I have a feeling this one is going to be great.


Singin' Heart said...

Super cute post! Love the pictures and love you! You look way hot, mama!!!

merelyLooking said...

What a fabulous party! I didn't know you were having one, where do you get the energy?! I can't tell you how dang cute you look in these pictures. who took them? Really cool how the cake lights your face in the second one, and how the first one looks like it could be in a magazine. Luv how you and Jones look in your first duo shot (and last, haha!) And the kits just make me what to smother their little faces in kisses! How did you make that Eiffel tower on your door (what a great theme!)? Is that ribbon or happy tape or ?? don't know, but super pro looking. Awesome job; very impressed.

Crys said...

Thanks, it was a last minute even though planned a long time ago party. I did everything with stuff I already had. Washi tape, paper, felt... Luck me I had these things. My friend brought her camera but not her sd card so we shared it and got some shots with both.

Carrie said...

looks like such a blast! you know how to throw a party, lady!

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