Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Take me to the moon

Just a quick trip to mars and then right on back to the moon.

Just after Christmas we packed up the kids and took them to Salt Lake to go to a real shopping complex so Jones could get me my annual gift from Anthropologie. We didn't have a lot of money we had been Secret Santa'd some cash and he insisted that that was what it was for. I was excited, aside from being able to buy something there I was just thrilled go. We can't afford the gas so I have to plan and wait for trips to the "big city"{you can scoff and poke fun at me calling it that} I knew I wanted to take the kids on the trax since that was our only way of getting around when we lived there exactly six years ago. I was excited to go back to the first Anthropologie I had ever been too, then there were the lights at Temple Square and the planetarium/ All of which were free except my purchase at Anthro. I love days like the one we spent as a family in Salt lake, exploring the world together. It is the best.

This what I bought, and I love it :)

Poor Jones was sick and although he grunted and groaned at his wife's ambitious plans to haul 3 kids around a busy city all day he did it. That pretty much sums up Jones for ya :)
We were at temple square right when the lights came on, it was kind of magical.


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